About mLinkRx

Patient Centered Digital Solution to Medication Access Barriers

About mLinkRx

Patients Are at the Core of Our Purpose and Vision

The insights and experience, we have gained in the past have fostered our conviction and vision in patient-centric systems/processes focused on patient access programs. We believe that by truly understanding every aspect of a patient’s journey and integrating current technologies, we can become the industry leaders in seamless enrollment of patients in pharma manufacturer-sponsored patient support service to not only get on prescribed therapy at an affordable price but better manage chronic conditions.

Who We Are

Six Decades of Experience to Improve Patient Health and Compliance

With over six decades of combined experience working as pharmacists, we have joined together to form a company dedicated to making the process of obtaining specialty medications seamless, both for the prescribers and patients.

mLinkRx’s platform supports the founders’ commitment to patients who are at the center of their vision. By understanding a patient’s journey to obtaining life-saving specialty medication, we have adopted technologies that speed up the process and remove the barriers to access.

Not only does the mLinkRx platform speed up the process of obtaining specialty drugs by making the process more stress-free for the patient, but also creates a better, more positive experience — improving patient health and compliance.

Why Us?

We’ve Taken Our Business Acumen and Combined It with Concern for Patients’ Health

Foremost we are pharmacists concerned for the health of patients but we also have the business acumen to back us up.

  • Experience in retail and specialty pharmacies, establishing successful operations that have been acquired by Fortune 500 companies.
  • Experience in building teams focused on how innovation affects the patient experience.
  • Experience in business development and building teams that are focused in digitizing and simplifying access to specialty drugs for patients.

Now the partners have taken their deep experience and combined that with an entrepreneurial bent that has led to mLinkRx, an innovative solution that keeps the health care providers in their workflow, reduces burden of paperwork and barriers to care for the patients, while speeding up and simplifying the process for all who are involved.

No drug specific enrollment forms to fill or portal to log into

Reduced administrative burden

Reduced call backs

Reduced abandonment rate

Reduced time to therapy